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Just finished the 2nd draft of bespoke stand for 120 gal tank and 3ft qt/hospital tank, all measurements are exact and got to work out the finishing touches to it. All the paneling and doors to sort. Taken 8 hours to do so far. Each part has been done and saved with measurements for knocking list. The picture is the final overall measurements. Its height is just over 1.7metres but that includes the hood

The lower level on the right is where the 3ft tank will go, the bottom left will be for the cannister filter for the main 120gallon tank, both will have doors the one on the right will be a frame only where as the left will be solid

The middle section will be for storage with a drop down door the full width of the shelf. The sides to the middle will be solid and unablt to open. The sides on the bottom will have solid removeable pannels for access. The entire back of the stand will be left completely open.

For the lid there are 2 2"thick panels that will folld open on themselves to allow complete access to the top.The lighting will be attached to these 2 pannels also. The doors and side pannels will be of a contrasting wood. Overall the entire stand will be sanded and have a clear stain.

No handles will be present as push cateches will be attached to all. Im really looking forwards to getting this built, the hard part will be saving for it. The finishing touches to do next then the knocking list and deciding what type of wood to use for the best effects and strength

The plan is to get it all built and all the parts and equiptment, substrate etc by july, i always have 10 days off for my birthday so will use that to aquascape!

This will make a huge focal point in my home and will spur me on to get it redecorated. MY FISHY FRIENDS DESERVE 5* ACCOMODATION

During the construction and aquascaping of the stand and tank from start to finish will be journalised in photos and videos, and updates will be provided throughout.

All this is possible due to the depth and richness of the knowledge of the resources and members of this forum, I would like to thank ALL that have ever answered my questions and queries .



1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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