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Update on the berried females, they both have dropped!(sortaaa)

Female #1 dropped her shrimplets just fine in the main tank and I occasionally see one (hard to find them in a 40g lol), but I will start seeing them when they get a little bigger.
Female #2 had an issue, I decided to move her to the hang on breeder I have as I could tell she was due to drop any day (i kinda wanted to be able to see the babies grow better in a smaller tank). She started dropping them this morning and I have about 5, but I guess she was over the whole motherhood thing and decided to molt with about 10-15 eggs still unhatched :( I removed the sticky stuff that holds them together from her molt and have placed them gently on some moss that is in direct flow of the incoming water. I was wondering if the other shrimp would go for them, but I haven't seen anything do more than walk over the eggs and touch them for a second and move on. We shall see what happens! You can even see their eyes, and knowing that some already hatched means that they should hatch any moment as well.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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