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Welcomr to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:wave:

I will just pick up on a couple issues others have already mentioned. First, the light. Two 17-inch fluorescent tubes is going to be very low light, regardless of the type of tubes you get. The only ones that will be useful are Life-Glo. This is still low light, but there are plants that will work with this. We can come back to this later, when discussing fish too, as you could do a very nice low-light aquascape for certain fish that would use more hardscape (wood, rock) with some low-light plants and lots of floating plants. But another queston, is a new light a possibility? This is another option.

On the water, as this is a well, do you have a local fish store that will do water tests? You could have them to a test for GH (general hardness) and KH (carbonate hardness or Alkalinity). If not, the API liquid test kit is good for these, there is one that covers both GH and KH. A pH test kit is a good investment, and again API's liquid test is reliable. It is good to know the GH and KH as it makes selecting fish easier.

Now to the fish. I will copy your present list from your Log here so we can all see it:
6 white skirt tetras
6 black widow tetras
4 tiger barbs
2 opaline/blue gourami
2 double bar platy(?)
4 silver dollars
5 neon tetras
2 gold dust mollys
1 kissing gourami
2 orange swords
6 assorted mollys

I would find some way of removing the Kissing gourami. Also the Silver Dollar since these eat plants and their size is going to create other issues down the road.

The Blue gourami are OK, but should not be in with Tiger Barb or the Black Widow Tetra [and the white, which is the same species], both of which are prone to fin nip when confronted with such sedate long-fin fiish. This may not have occurred yet, but it is frankly a matter of time before it likely will. Before getting more of these, decide how you want this tank to go forward.

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