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Well a few months ago our 2 gold fish died after eight months living in a 28L tank. I suggested to the lass that we try a planted tank and after me crumbling after she demanded my fish that we could possibly fit in that small tank I surprised her with a Roma 125L. She was excited I started doing some research then she was not so excited when I told her we still could not get angel fish.

Anyways this research got me into plants and what better way do plants grow than in in dirt. I did some more research only to find that t8 lighting was a bit sub-par so I ripped the top open, threw in a t5 ballast and put twin 28w tubes into the top. This didn't result in my death by electrocution, burning down the house or worth killing the fish. I went over kill on the filter with a tetratec ex 1200.

So the soil is mix of gravel and aquarium dirt with a play sand cap. I started buying plants and throwing them in, some have done well some have died off. The tank stabilized after a two weeks and some major water changes Then when I threw in some barbs it went out of whack so more big water changes. After it stabilized again I threw in some dwarf neon rainbow fish and that it seem to remain stable. So here's what's in the tank and some photos.

Started 19/10/13
Fish/Invert Stock:
6 Five banded barb
6 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish
5 Ghost Shrimp (5 of 8 three died off within three days).
5 MTS (only ever see 3 don't know how many I have).

3 Honey Gourami (to get)
6 Oto Catfish (to get)

Plant Stock
Bacopa monnieri (died off only some left)
Giant Salvinia (99% died off)
Vallisneria (Crazy Growth)
Hornwort (Crazy Growth)
Staurogune Repens (Doing Well)
Lilaeopsis Brasilensis, (Doing Ok)
Marsilea Hirsuta, (Looks like Dying off)
Crytocoryne Beckettii, (No melting slow growth)
Anubias heterophylla, (Slow Growth)
Salvinia Natans, (Stable might be to much flow)
Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping' (Just in)
Echinodorus red flamed (just in)
Nymphaea stellata Bulb (just in)
Echinodorus ozelot (just in)

Aponogeton Madagascariensis Bulb (to come might be thinking two big here)
Crinum natans (to come might be thinking two big here)


As You can see I can go a bit crazy when I get into things.
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