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becoming a cherry shrimp breeder?

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i went to my LFS today and they are really wanting a supplier for red cherry shrimp. i figure, i have 3 large fish that love to eat shrimp... plus, i could make some money from breeding as well. i've heard that cherry shrimp are the most hardy and easy to breed, so i think i will give it a try. i currently have 20+ ghost shrimp now in my 60 gallon and they are thriving so i do have a small bit of experience with shrimp, just not with cherry shrimp.

as of now, i have a 5.5 gallon tank setup, cycled, and unstocked. it has an airstone, a sponge filter, and i ordered some java moss online today since my LFS doesn't have any (and i've heard it helps the shrimp fry out a lot).

is there anything else i would need to know before getting the shrimp or to help them stay healthy and breed? any info is greatly appreciated!
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A five gallon can actually house an ok amount of cherry shrimp, they're smaller with a small bioload, but if you wan to breed, later, I suggest you get a larger tank, 20-30 gallons or so. More room for them. =)

Hiding suggestions: Moss balls make lovely homes for baby shrimp as well, they can get into the "Fuzz" and find food. So I suggest moss balls for sure. =)

Make sure your filter wont eat them, which I'm sure you know from breeding ghosts.

You'll want hidey holes too, little shrimp holes and not just plants(like shrimp caves, otherwise when they shed they may harm each other or be harmed by other things). Leaves that will make food and hiding as well(I forgot the name of those leaves that help grow insuforia if I spelled that right...).
Leaves that will make food and hiding as well(I forgot the name of those leaves that help grow insuforia if I spelled that right...).
Catappa (Indian Almond) ;-)
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thanks everyone, i got a 20 gallon tank and seeded it yesterday from my 75.
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also ordered some of those leaves as well
Awesome. Good luck to you, I hope it goes very well. =) I'm doing some breeding projects of my own and just took a step up on it. I hope you have some fun doing it too, it's quite interesting watching them grow.

When you get your cherry shrimp, just to be safe, try ordering ten or so from two or three different places. Less risk of inbreeding, though I didn't have a problem with it(but then I ordered some online and got six from a pet shop, man they're expensive!).

Oh, oh, I think I forgot to mention: Someone suggest Spirulina for the babies too. Small enough for them to eat if the almond leaves don't make enough. Better to have a variety to choose from. Some green food too, something that softens like blanched zucchini(be very careful when you remove the extra that you don't get any babies with it).
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