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She wanted me to send you this letter she sent me on another site.
Can you send this message to Aokashi tell her it is from me., bb123

Letter to Mods
I am BB123 a formerly active member on
I think I would like to tell you a bit more about myself.
My betta fish journey began when I purchased Magic a male vt who has passed on but is still my favourite fish of all time.
I began to research about bettas when I heard of breeding them, what I found surprised me. I was totally taking the wrong care of my fish but at that age I didn't have much money however with a little work I began to save for a nicer tank.
I was browsing a online selling website for tanks when I stumbled upon a ad asking what tail types and colours people wanted, it was a local betta breeder.
I contacted them introducing myself and we began talking, this person was a member on already and often directed me to threads.
Eventually I gave in and made myself an account.
I was BeautifulBetta123 at first I was learning more, I got new bigger tanks and of course the betta bug took its course and I got more fish too.
It was always a struggle to find enough money for heaters and food and the members helped a lot by giving me money saving tips.
I was able to meet with the member who told me about the website in the first place in person and I must say she was great and still remains to this day one of my friends although she no longer breeds bettas and has downgraded her operation to a single fish.
I began to talk to other members too and met another person who was fairly close to me, we chat everyday but not so much anymore because I have no way to talk to him.
He also told me about another breeder in a city near by. Both of these people I have met on several occasions in person to buy fish or just talk about fish.
These three people are the most generous and friendly people I have met, and I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for this website.
I eventually started to attempt to breed these fish and have now with the help of various members on the forum succeeded.
If it wasn't for everyone's help I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.
Many more people helped me by sending me free supplies and what not.
I now have a sorority tank up and running along with 4 ten gallons, and two five gallons with a total of 11 betta fish.
I began to give help more than I was asking for it and I enjoyed helping people.
I worked hard and did some art for people though I wasn't very good lol. The forum made me feel accepted, they didn't care if I was no pretty because they didn't know what I looked like. I struggled through school and was bullied, I had suicidal thoughts and I felt worthless. But every single day I would come home and my inbox would be full of notifications from the forum, my friends I made online really helped me through it, they made my day and were there when no one else was, if I didn't join this forum I don't know where. Would be today or if I would be here.
I recently made a bad choice, I posted an inappropriate comment and regretted it immediately.
I quit the thread and soon after received a pm saying I was banned for a week.
The week turned into 9 days for some reason and the other person banned got 6 days.
I made a new account so I could update my friends and try restart and be a better person, I wanted to just help again and not be the inappropriate person who was recently banned.
It was a stupid mistake and I feel so bad I wish I could take back everything so much! I have no way to talk to some of the people I met on here and so many times I have browsed the website and clicked the reply button to reply to one of my favourite threads and the dread washes over me when it says to login.
I can't stand being away I love I far too much.
Please don't let my journey end here because a stupid girl made two stupid choices,
Ban me for another week or two, ban me for a month I don't care but I want nothing more then to be back on here.
This forum has allowed me to meet great friends, and there are many more I haven't talked to but I want to.
Please don't ban me forever, I can't stand it I meant no harm by my actions.
What I did was wrong and very stupid, I shouldn't have done that and feel horrible, I can't stand being away.
I am begging you for just one more chance just one more, please don't lock me off completely I have had many awesome things happen because of this forum, don't let it stop.
Ban me for a month or however long you see fit, it wont make a difference but please please please don't lock me off forever.
This is from me, Lillyandquigly.
Yes, I know she broke the rules, and I did too. I know she made another account during her ban. The thing is, she's my good friend, and is close with people on here, and she can't talk to them because for some of them this is the only forum they're on. Please unban her, please.
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