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I have a few questions:

  1. My Betta names Puddle used to be so active and used to swim up and down the tank, up and down, up and down.
He used to also scare (not attack) the other fish quite often (I have four black phantoms)

Recently he has stopped attacking and everyone seems to be getting along.

My black phantoms nipped each other a while ago but everones fins have grown back and all seems good.

Now, my betta kind of looks depressed. He started sleeping at the bottom of the tank quite reguarly.

I built him a level as I heard they like the top of the tank - I bought a brnad new container and cut out the sides and one phantom has claimed the cave like container and my betta has the top of the container.

On the top of the container I have a plant and now my betta spends most of his time at the top sleeping on the plant.

He does eat normally and he looks the same as usual.

2. My betta has constantly had strange occourances with his fins.

When I bought him he had this black stuff on his fins like it has rotted a tiny tiny tiny bit.

Then it started going white like it was healing and then the white went away and he looked good but there was still the black that looked rotted.

Then he went a bit black spotty and then a couple of days later it was gone and white and clearing up and then black a bit.

I am not too concerned as he has never got any worse but I would like him to just stay how he looks when he is good.

Also, once he has gone black as he is, is there any way of going back?

He is just orange and not too pretty but I think he is absolutely adorable.

3. What foods can I give him as I would like to widen the variety of food. I have only ever given him betta flakes, bloodworms (freexed and fresh) and shrimp and a pea which I am not sure what happened to it.

Is it okay to feed him real peas? Like pea and bean peas? And are there any other foods I can feed him?

4. I would like to buy him a female but I have heard this is not such a great idea.

How could I make this work?

Thank you!!!

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You should not feed him peas it can damage there digestive track. You can feed him frozen dapnia my guys/gals love it the others you are feeding is fine. If you were to get a female they would have to be seperate they will attack each other if they are together. As far as the changeing color it sounds kind of like fin/tail rot. Do you have aquarium salt in your tank? Also how big is your tank and does it have a heater? Bettas like to be kept at around 78 degrees. If you go onto the Betta section of the forum you may can get more ideas as to what the color change could be.

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i agree with calmwaters
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