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First... Wishing everyone here a very Happy New Year!! :-D

I have recently made a 120 gallon tank and would like to keep Barbs in it along with other fishes. Now my question is which other fishes can I keep with Barbs? The tank at present has 17 Barbs in it, a mix of Tigers and Albino's. These are the only 2 varieties of barbs available where I live. Which other fish can I keep along with these Barbs safely as I know Barbs are known fin nippers! I chose Barbs as I've always loved watching them schooling about in groups. :)

My tank details:

Measurements: 48" X 24" 24"
Capacity: 120 gallons
Substrate: Sand
Decoration: Rocks
Planted: No
Filtration: 1 X Dolphin C-1300 Canister Filter @ 1000 L/H + 1 X Sobo Top Filter @ 2500 L/H
2 X 200 Watts Sobo thermostat's
Power head and air pump

Please suggest which fishes I can keep. Also, is keeping barbs in a sand + rock setup safe or are they better suited for planted tanks? In that case I'll have to change from keeping barbs altogether. Please advice.

Thanks and Regards - Souptik (India)

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I don't often disagree with Kymmie or 1077, but in this case I must at least interject a caution. The beautiful caudal fin and dorsal fin extensions on Congo Tetra are too tempting. While in such a large tank and with a sizeable group of Tigers, they may be less inclined, but it is still a risk that I would not want to take.

My group of Congo, some years ago now, were rather quiet. But then, they were the emperors in the 55g and had no problem fish to harass them, so maybe they were more relaxed. Tigers are very fast active swimmers when they are in good health.

I realize you said you can't get them, but other medium-sized barbs are good tankmates for Tigers, along with the larger rasbora species, and any of the loach species suited to the tank (they need to be in a group of 5+ and some species do attain a foot). Any active swimming fish would probably work too.

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