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balloon molly, yellow eggs?

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i noticed my balloon molly(Maureen) acting rather strange, so i placed her in a breeder net in the calmest way possible, and she didnt seem stressed at all. i kept a watchful eye on her and she was giving borth to wat looked like perfectly formed, round yellow eggs?? no babies tho? they were like jelly and my goldfish soon sucked them through the net. she was doin this for about half an hour and id say there was about 20 eggs. is this her giving birth prematurely to unformed fry?? or did she abort? i been waiting 2 months for her to give birth but no joy????
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musho3210 said:
they could possibly be unfertilzed babies.
More like stillborn babies to me. Any stress-related factors can cause this.
they were clear yellow, did not resemble babies at all, like the size of a small ball bearing???
oh i get it
is it possible for a certain fish to b infertile????
owwwwwwwww was really hopin for her to breed
more likely just a case of the eggs themselves being unfertilized or in some other way defective. such things happen...doesn't mean the female is actually infertile though.
Deformed/undeveloped stillborn fry is the most likely bet. Possibly caused by stress to the female but could've been caused by a number of factors. I wouldn't consider it a problem unless it happened regularly.
this is the second time its happened to her
Possibly stress, Lioness?:squint: I am inclined to add more plants for her to find refuge while trying to drop her fry.
i went out at the weekend and got a cave and driftwood, also some more plants. so ill b revampin tank this week
I have been trying to find some pics I had but it is no use, they are on my other dead computer.

As for the eggs, I have had swords that i raised from fry that will do the same thing. Thier first 3-5 batches were noting more than empty, unfertilized eggs. I had them in the net breeder and the eggs were still layed infertile. I have seen that until a female is comfortable with the male, she won't let them near enough. It might also have to do with a bodily thing that the first eggs are not viable.

Don't give up hope, give her some time and make sure she is comfortable and sooner or later the eggs will be viable and you won't know what to do with all the fry.
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