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Morning all,

I'll start with the conditions - excellent.
Ammonia - 0
pH - 7.4
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 5

7 days ago performed 35% water change in my 40 gal tank.
4 x widow tetras
1 x Koi Angel
1 x Marble Angel
4 x Corys
1 x Balloon Molly

Problem with the Molly - symptoms started Friday night. Fish was lying on the bed of the tank moving very little and its usually right amongst all the action.

Saturday, I put him in a little 9 litre hospital tank for most of the day which has 1/2 fresh water and half tank water with some stress coat and some melafix.
Then dropped one tiny piece of food in... Initially uninterested but did eat it and did appear to look a bit better so put him back in the bigger tank.
Saturday night noticed it again hanging around in the bottom after initially looking a bit better.

Sunday (now) fish is swimming about more but is hiding as well and has a stringy (with little blobs) poo.
It's not white poo but thinner than usually - it looks like the regular poo (in blobs) inside the stringy poo.... I hope that makes sense

Does anyone have any ideas for what I should do or Treat with?

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Hi Sylverclaws,

Thank you for your response! Sadly he died not long after this post :-( gone but not forgotten.

I'm actually getting a bit depressed with this particular tank and my fish keeping abilities.

Since november (when the tank was 6 weeks old - cycled) I've bought 22 fish and yet I only have 10 left. The first fish I bought were the Tetras. I had 6 originally but 2 died (for unknown reasons). I also had 6 Cory's (again 2 died for unknown reasons) and even though I tried to replace them on many occasions to keep the numbers the same ... 4 of them just seems to be the number they are happy at... I've had 2 balloon mollies and also 2 bristle-nose algae eaters which only made it a 5 days.

its like my tank seems to reject any fish numbers greater than 10 and even though i'm so cautious about water changes and quality... i just keep loosing fish.

In terms of water its softer water here in Manly NSW ( I sent a water sample chart to Byron) and when I did add a bit of salt to the tank - i was quickly smacked by the rest of the forum community to remove it for the sake of the other fish.

So i've got my 2 angels, 4 corys and 4 tetras at the moment and just don't know what to do. they aren't expensive fish but I'm sick of buying them only for other's to die... moreover it's cruel to the fish which is a thought I hate even more!

I'm tempted to buy an extra couple of widow tetras and corys (to make them 6 each) but again i don't what to see any others die!

I'm in a real pickle at the moment!!
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