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great information but sadly, ive seen bigger, ive seen a bala shark that is as big as a 20 gallon high aquarium as well as plump with eggs and sexually mature, it was at my local aquarium so dont worry about it lol. Petsmart sadly says these sharks can fit in a 10 gallon aquarium on there price tag.

Sadly bala sharks are very shy fish and if kept in small tanks they will panic (kind of like a human panicking when kept in an area not even wide enough to turn around) there also not that hardy with water params. These fish are starting to get the same care as goldfish and they are wild caught which means they are even less hardy. Imaging living in a 6 acre mansion with the best chefs in the nation. Then getting taken from the place with no warning, shipped around in a box (with no toilet and barely enough food) then dumped into a even smaller glass box where (lets say fish for the sake of it) come up to you and poke around at your box, then some big stupid fish takes you out a net and puts you in the small plastic bag where you are shaken around by some brattly little baby fish who thinks humans are cool and shakes the bag up and down all the way home where you arent aclimated at all into a small little 1/4 meter area where you are left tehre for the rest of your life with no ventilation, no cleaning up and cheapo food. where you are burned constantly by the methane gas that your feces produces and then die of lack of oxygen after 2 hours.

(for people who didnt understand that)

People = fish
chefs = live food that you can hunt
6 acre mansion = Gigantic lake/river/ocean
Bratty baby fish = bratty young human (if youve ever seen the movie finding nemo where that darla girl shakes the fish bag up and down)
1/4 meter container = fish bowl
methane gas = ammonia

So how would you like that you (i wont say it but i think you know what i mean) petsmart owner?

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Makes me wonder why some people insist that balas will not grow in a 10 gallons.:sarcastic:

There's nothing we can do to persuade stubborn lfs owners to stop selling balas unless they verify the buyer's tank and pond size.:shake:
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