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Mama shrimp is dropping babies!!! Squeeeeeee!! Pics/vid coming!!

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I've got them in the cup with grass and I added a little bit of First Bites because they look like little shrimp rather than larva. Sooooo OMG WHAT DO I DO NEXT???
made a panty hose habitat and put them by the filter, hopefully this will help them get what they need.
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I will! Right now its really hard to see them in the hose nest but after digging around the internet I thought that would be the best thing for their water quality. So I hope they are doing well and didn't all die off within hours like I read can happen. I tried to make sure they had insuforia in there by putting in plants, the marimo ball, and some algae scrapings as well as a little bit of First Bites. I have them up in the filter area so they get water cycling through the hose.
An update: a few days after using my home made thingy it started to show a rust spot on the wire, so I went to PetCo and found a breeding box (plastic frame you draw a mesh bag up over) and they are in there now with some plants with the filtered water flowing right in. Most of the time I can't see them. I thought they died once but then I saw some hanging on a side of mesh in the current and realized that was some molted shells. They seem to be doing ok in there, but I have no idea how many are alive. Just waiting for them to get bigger. I give them First Bites twice a day but they are in the current and I've never changed the filter. Waiting until they get bigger to do that, since it provides them some food. Impossible to take a good photo, I tried. The mesh bag is white. :/
Me too!

This is the clearest I have managed to photograph. Look mid right, above the middle of the image. There's one little guy in the shot perched on the mesh.
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