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Hi LadyWater. Unfortunately Momma fish very often eat their own fry. And if the 2nd female was in the quarantine tank with her she may have helped. When fry are born they float on the surface for awhile. Over the course of the day they will drop down into any cover they may able to find. Do you have any cover? Meaning caves, plants plastic or real, ornaments? When they survive they will stay hidden for a week or 2 only venturing out for bits of food as it floats by. Check these areas if you have any.
Mollies, Platies, Swordtails can all have up to 50+ babies at a time although not usually on their first drop. Also should you have another pregnant female some day, they often/usually drop their fry in the very early morning hours. I try not to put on the light each morning until I scan the corners/surface of the tank for wee ones. Otherwise they splash around and Momma will notice them and gobble them up before you can grab a net.
Take a look around... maybe one or two are hiding.
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