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Family: Atyidae

Common Name: Bamboo Shrimp

Origin: Fast moving waters of Southeast Asia.

Compatibility/Temperament: Very peaceful shrimp because it does not have claws. They seem to prefer being kept with other Bamboo shrimp. Should be kept with peaceful fish. Should not be kept with large fish who could fit the shrimp in its mouth. Small and Medium sized Loaches may or may not be a threat. Cannot be kept with species who require minimal water flow.

Bamboo Shrimp Diet

Filter feeder. May need to be fed directly with an algae powder or food for fan feeding invertebrates.


Adult: 3-5 Inches

Minimum Tank Suggestion

10 gallon

Ideal water parameters for Bamboo Shrimp

6.5 - 7.5 pH, prefers neutral to slightly basic water.


This shrimp is a filter feeder. It has fan like appendages used to capture and eat floating micro-organisms and algae. It will spend most of its time near fast moving water. It is an interesting shrimp because of the way it eats. A happy shrimp should be out fanning for food, sometimes for hours at a time.

In large, well established, planted aquariums, there may be enough food naturally present for the Bamboo Shrimp. It should not be added to a new tank because there will not be enough food for it. It should have easy access to strong water flow either by using power heads, or large pieces of wood or rock that will give the shrimp a place to sit near the strong water flow. They will sometimes sit on spray bars or plants in order to reach the water flow. They are known escape artists so the tank should be covered.

Photo credit: Mikaila31

If the shrimp is picking food off the substrate, there is little food available in the water for the shrimp to fan and eat. This is stressful to the shrimp, therefore powdered algae or specialty foods for filter feeding inverts should be soaked in tank water and squirted directly into the shrimps fans. This can also be added directly into the aquarium, but will have the same effect of over feeding, so water parameters should be carefully monitored.

In the pet store, Bamboo Shrimp are usually brown or light red in coloration. When given a few days to adjust to the home aquarium, a healthy and happy shrimp should darken up into a nice dark brown or red color. Also, a thick white line will appear down the shrimps shell from head to tail.

Like all shrimp, Bamboo Shrimp will molt once or twice a month, usually after water changes. It is very important that the shrimp has plenty of hiding spaces, because during this time their shells will be extremely soft and vulnerable.

Breeding is not common in the aquarium because larva need to be kept in brackish water before being moved to fresh water.

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