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Attack of the halfbeaks! + Fish pics!

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Well, at first they were attacking the water as I poured it in. I tried to get a video of that but the tank was already full..
So here is a video of my halfbeaks going after my fingers. :p They do this with basically anything that touches the surface of the water.

IMG_0603_zpsfa33dcf0.mp4 Video by worldlyaffections | Photobucket

Also, though totally fitting, I did not choose the music. It was just a movie my parents are watching in the background. :p
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LOVE THIS VIDEO, Lymp!!! HAHA! They're so coOl! <3 Thank you for posting it :) *DEMANDS MORE UPDATES*
Ugh!!! Can't see it on my phone!!!
Nice!!! Do they attack anyting that hits the waters surface??? Would love to see a closer video/pic of them!!
I'm not very good at videos, I just have the iPod. :p Pics, I can try again...
Yea, anything. In the wild they go for any bugs that hit the water so it's like a reflex for them to rush over and attack things.
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Crazy flesh-eating live-bearers!!! ;)
Love the new avatar, btw. REALLY gorgeous Betta. . .
Definitely crazy live-bearers. LoL also ones I wouldn't mind having Chesh.
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You should see her Platy!!! ^.^

OOOHHHH LYMPIE!!! Show off the BABIES!!! *begs*
Aww!! Cuties!! <3 I bet they are very rare in petstores
I don't have any babies yet. D:
And yea, I guess my store had them for a while and now they don't!
Crazy flesh-eating live-bearers!!! ;)
Love the new avatar, btw. REALLY gorgeous Betta. . .
Hahaha.. I love fishy attacks like this. However I have one "crazy flesh-eating" fish that nips so hard it takes everything in me not to jump and scare him. I like to hold the food nestled between my fingers in a fist for my Haps so the have to come nipping at my fingers for food lol.

Want more videos Olympia!
Okay all, here's some more pics from today. :)

A shrimp:

Some new plants and blurry fish:

Sorta blurry pic of an Evelyn's platy:


Male Montezuma Swordtail:

Female Montezuma Sword:

Male again:

Females again:

Male again:

Sparkling gourami:


Betta tank:
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LYYYYYMPPPPPYYYY!!! It's sooo LOVELY!!! Thanks for more pics of the pretties! <3
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