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I am looking to get a few different fish for my 75g tank. They all can live within the same temp and ph. But, The Kh for these fish are at different levels. As my name suggests I am a fish noob. I have not tested for Kh ever. Will this stop me from integrating the fish I want?

Fish are as follows:
Roseline barb (denizen) kh 4-10 ph 6.5-7.8
Rainbow kh 9-19 ph 7-8
Cardinal tetra kh 2-6 ph 5.5-7.5
Rio **** L135 kh 6-10 ph 6.5-7.4
Singapore shrimp kh 3-10 ph 6.5-8

I have no idea about what kh are and what kh levels in my tank are. Living in Colorado my ph is naturally around 7.8.
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