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Perhaps a clarification is needed, as we are talking about KH and GH in this thread and these are not the same thing.

KH (Alkalinity or carbonate hardness) has no effect whatsoever on fish. But it does serve to buffer pH, so that may be relevant.

GH or general hardness is very important for fish, in most cases moreso than pH. Knowing the GH of your tap water is very important. You can read the details here:

As Jeff said, the GH you can ascertain from the water folks.

Now, aside from that, let's look at the list of fish you posted. There are some non-compatibles, for various reasons. At this point I am going to refer you to our fish profiles; each contains data on water parameters, tank sizes, numbers (some fish are shoaling and need groups), compatibility, etc. You can ask specific questions but please have a read of the fish profile. Profiles are under the second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page. If the name in the profile is used identically in a post it will shade and you can click that for the profile pop-up. Example Cardinal Tetra, Denisons Barb. There are three rainbowfish profiles so far, and a couple pleco.

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