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Are these fish compatible for my 112 gallon aquarium?

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musho3210 said:
6 balas wont fit, you could fit 4 max so i wouldnt go with the bala sharks, clown loaches should be barely able to fit in but its possible. I wouldnt go with bettas in a community tank unless all your other fish are boring looking (that dont look anything like a betta)
Why are you suggesting 4 will still fit in his tank? They will never fit. I suggest going with smaller species. They are hundreds of options including rasboras.

Neon blue gouramis are still dwarf gouramis. 12 is pushing a lot. I would suggest 4-6 only with floating plants.

6 Clown loaches will also push a lot in a few years. They cannot be mixed with smaller fish like the kuhli loaches once they reach more than 10 inches despite being slow growers.

Smaller Botia species are better options. Try Botia rostrata, Botia striata, Botia almorhae or Botia kubotai. None of them will exceed more than 10 inches. They are barely under 6 inches.

Stick with 6 angelfish. 12 is not going to help a lot. They are cichlids and can be territorial especially when in breeding conditions.

No bettas and gouramis should be mixed in the same tank. Both are anabantids and can get aggressive against each other.

My suggestion:
Dwarf Gouramis
Kuhli Loach
Smaller botia species

Not all, of course. I simply listed the following so you may be able to slash out the balas and clown loaches.
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