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Are these fish compatible for my 112 gallon aquarium?

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I am in the midst of setting up a 112 gallon aquarium(48x18x30) and i have some idea of fish that i think would do good together but i am not sure so here is what i would like to put in my tank:
12 angelfish
Crowntail Betta(M)
Female Betta(in breeding trap for breeding purposes)
6 dwarf gouramis
6 neon blue gouramis
8 longfin zebra dino's
8 rummy nose tetras
6 clown loaches
6 bala sharks
6 red platies
6 redwag platies
4 kuili loaches
some snail and shrimp
So these are the fish i am interested in and i have researched them to see if they were compatible or not and most of them are but some sites say they are and some say there not. So if anyone has any comments on the fish i would like and if they agree or disagree is these are good fish or not please post and let me know.
Steenbergen :D
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