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Are there any North American Cichlids that are fished?

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I was curious if there are any NA cichlids that are regularly fished out and eaten?

If not are there any cichlids in the world that are done so, I'm pretty sure but looking for specific species and names.

Thanks it would be a great help!
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I just gotta ask,Why would this information be helpful? Did someone drink the bong water?
Doing a project on these species and was just curious since there is such a diverse selection of them throughout the world.
Yes, lots of fish we can keep in aquariums are fish that are eaten by locals, such as gouramis and cichlids.

People in Florida catch oscars and jack dempsys and things all the time - fish that have been released and are thriving.

As far as North American cichlids, are you including Central America as part of North America?

I don't know of any actual US cichlids off the top of my head. Sunfish fill that role up here.
Sun fish o.o Cichys?
The sunfish family is similar to the cichlid family of fish. Sunfish are exclusive to north america, if I recall correctly.
HA! rofl I took it the wrong way.. :roll:

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Yeah not the ocean sunfish :)

I've seen them at work - really weird fish.
Yup, I remember these little fellers..

Too bad they are being out fished in Wisconsin too fast

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maybe not fished for food...?
is the texas cichlid american?
Geologically I believe all the cichlids of central America are considered North American species.
Sunfish are not technicaly cichlids, but very similar.
Tilapia are becoming common on restaurant menus in USA, they have always been important food fish in their native range( africa, SE Asia)
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