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Are there any here with large reef tanks? 150 gals and up>

This boxfish here photo I taken some weeks ago and as well im sorry to report that this $650 fish died

Crosshatch trigger, they a pair for $500

Spotted Mexican Puffer $300

The electrician has put in two boxes, one near each reef tank with two lines of 20 amps each. That means that I now have with both outlets, 80 amps in all. Also im still with the two 15 amps outlets making it an extra 30 amps of a total electrical power of 110 amps in all>

Fish World has ask me if I could take a series of photos of a few fish that`s coming in this week. They have one in right now, a Gem Tang that is priced at $3,500 and Jeff told me that few other fish will be in that he likes me to take pics and email him the best shots for the stores Internet site.
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