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I'm super confused. Are you SELLING or BRAGGING by placing the prices after each fish? You want pics of my $2,500 blue eyed panaque? You need pics of my $1,700 efflo?

I'm setting up a 400G reef right now, 7x3x3 Acrylic. With stand and canopy it stands at 9'6" tall. My Euroreef skimmer is a custom build that stands over 5' tall, 14" diameter with a 24" diam collection cup that stands 12" tall, powered by 5 Eheim 1264 custom needlewheel impellers. 4 400w lights in Lumenarc reflectors and 6 72" VHO retro kits all powered by IceCap. I have a 1HP Pacific chiller (yeah punx just got that last weekend).

Now let's see,

SeaClear tank and stand $12,000
ER skimmer, $5,700 base price but each Eheim adds $300 to the price so that's $7,200
Approximately $1,900 in lights.
$1,200 for the chiller
Looking at about $1,000 for pumps.
Sump/fuge is a 240g acrylic that is being built for a price of $500.
Plumbing parts about $400
350g nylon cylinder I bought to hold extra tank volume, $900.
2x 100G nylon cylinders to hold RO/DI water and mixed water, $375 each.
Mako RO/DI 300GPH unit, $650.
Aquacontroller $390 plus $300 in probes.
MRC CA reactor, $700
CA CO2 regulators and such, $300
custom Kalk reactor $325.
used laptop to control the Aquacontroller, $200.
Various $1,000-2000 for random bits and pieces. (cords, 6 way strips, timers etc..)

PLUS I bought
8 Woods 8" suction tools rated at 125lbs each for lifting the tank, $100 each.

a 1,000lb capacity rolling hydraulic lift cart, $600

A used pallet jack for moving the gear around in my storage area, $700

I hate to think of what I've spent putting it all together. Plans to fire it off in August. I currently have most everything I listed in my storage lock up unless noted.

Since I have a whole sale account in my name I have set up a shipment for 1 pallet box of aragonite sand and 1 pallet of boxed live rock. That's what the pallet jack is for. The sand will be shipped unbagged and dry in a plastic pallet cube. The live rock will be Walt Smith cubed on a pallet in 80lb boxes. Approx 1,600 lbs each when delivered. I'll be selling the leftovers to local reefers when I'm done with the set up.

Now on to a better story.

Has anyone ever read the story Le Petit Prince? Or The Little Prince? There is a paragraph about how children see beauty with the heart and eyes, adults only see beauty through numbers. One line read about how a young boy could run home and describe a beautiful house he saw to his mother, she asks "how much is the house worth". Basically saying that unless it has a high price it can not have value.

When I saw my tank I did not ask how much, but simply fell in love with it and asked how I could own it. I did this on a modest construction laborers budget. I've scrimped and saved everywhere I could. I took on 1 even 2 extra jobs to make ends meet at times.
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