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Are silver tips possibly chasing others to death?
Trouble with silver tip tetras coming up MIA. Is it possible they are chasing one another to death, and perhaps my 2 mystery snails and other fish are scavenging them over night?

*46 gallon tank has been set up for 4 months.
*0 ammonia
*0 nitrite
*10 nitrate
*25-30 percent water change one day a week, with gravel vac.
* Stess Coat added during stocking and water changes.
*Well water 150 hardness
*Ph 8.2
*2 Eheim heaters at 79 degrees
*Eheim 4x350 pump and filter

Stocked with
*8 Harlequin Rasboras
*4 Cherry Barbs
*2 Mystery snails
*3 Nerite snails
* 4 Silver Tip Tetras (Purchased 3 weeks ago and have lost 4).
*I acclimate all fish with 15 minute float in bag for temp, and then an additional 30 min adding aquarium water for PH.

*2 16" fake plants, 4 live Java, 3 annubias, and 1 El Nino plant. 2 large pieces of driftwood.

The first day the tetras were crazy chasing each other, not schooling at all, Next day, 2 were missing. They didn't bother the barbs or harlequins at all. A couple days went by, and they seemed to calm down. Then last week a 3rd went missing today, a 4th. They still are pretty relentless in chasing one another, and have never schooled. The other fish have been in the tank 3 months, and seem fine. But I think have been gathering in a section of the tank bc the tetras make them upset. I really do not think the barbs and harlequins are happy the tetras have joined the tank, but the Silver Tips do not seem to have any aggression at all towards them. Is it possible the problem with the tetras "disappearing" is due to their aggression towards eachother, and not an illness or water parameters? Thanks

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