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Thanks for taking time to read this, a bit of background:

I have 5 rummynose tetras in a 10 gallon, some plants, nothing super out of the ordinary. I was late on their last water change by about 3 days, and today I changed their substrate to Seachem's Flourite black sand. This ended up coming with a pretty large water change. Maybe 80% or so.

All the fish are fine (thank goodness!), but this evening I saw two of the smaller, less colourful tetras chasing around a larger, brighter one. They didn't seem to be attacking the larger fish, just following it closely--this went on for 20 minutes or so. My assumptions are as follows:

  1. Slightly warmer and dirty water going to slightly colder and cleaner water may have simulated rain
  2. Simulated "rain" makes them think it's the rainy season, i.e. time to breed
  3. The paler, smaller fish are males and the larger fish are females
  4. The two "males" were trying to spawn with the "female"
I have no idea if this is accurate or not, so my question is, is this spawning behavior? Which parts of the above list are accurate and which are not? What can I do to help the potential eggs/fry survive?

TL:DR What does spawning behavior look like in rummynose tetras, and what can I do to keep any fry?


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