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I wasn't sure if I should put this in the diseases area or not since I don't know if it's normal or if she's sick. I was looking at two of my three rubber-lips today and noticed their scales look puffed...I can't find the third one to get a look at, it likes to sleep under the log and goes under other things if I move it, didn't want to stress it out if they're sick since I already have photos of one, they all look the same. I purchased these at Petco(I know, bad right? I usually don't buy fish from those places, but it's very hard to find these here)...about two weeks ago I think, I didn't notice their scales looking like this. I'm wondering if they're sick. I was worried it may be dropsy.

And yes, I am new to these. ^^; I did some research before buying, but they didn't have scales like this when purchased, they were nice and smooth looking. I have seen photos of several that looked this way and am wondering if it's normal or stress or something...

Anywho, they're in a planted 55 gallon community tank with livebearers and a gold gourami.(Livebearers include mollies, platies, guppies and swordtails). I have had a little trouble with our water lately. We don't have ammonia in our tap water, however lately there has been a bit and it's tossed my stats around, doing my best to fix it without tampering too much and stressing everyone out, but I have done a bit of extra cleaning lately, so I'm worried I stirred it up and got them sick. None of my other fish are showing signs of anything of this sort, but I imagine having ammonia in my tank isn't comfy. I've added in some stuff to lower it and they all got a lot happier! Stuff like ammo-carb, which did lower it, my tests today confirm the ammonia has cleared out, but it was mixed stats for about the last week or so. ><

Well, I have some photos of him. If he is sick, let me know what I need to do. I've fallen madly in love with my newbies and do not wish any harm to come to them! Unfortunately since our water was messed up due to the idiots doing construction...ahem, and hitting a main line without informing us like they're required to do by LAW, all of my tanks are having such spike problems, so moving them would be bad, or so I thought.

This one is a tad smeared, sorry, he moved before I could get another behind shot and one of my molly kids kept getting in the way and taking the focus out.
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