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I have starting refurbishing an old retail store fish rack display. Ive pieced together some old sump parts and none of my pumps seem to be running as quiet and smooth as they should so I am looking to pick up a new one. I did however come across a pump I ran in our pond for a while and it seems to have enough power and flow to do the job.

My only real concern is I cant seem to find any real answer on whether or not it can be run in line and "dry" it has screw in fittings so i am guessing it can. It also doesnt seem to get hot at all on test runs, so I hope it can run in this application for a while (not really looking to drop $300ish on a fancier pump. Any one out there use one of these in line?

By the way the set-up runs 9 tanks at 9.97gals each, stands 7.5 feet high, running a drip tub sump set up with about 3 square foot surface area in the sump, return flows through a tray of ceramic chips, into a poly fiber tray, then down through a huge "bio-wheel" I dug up from an old pond set-up.

Once I get the pump figured out its on to heating (taking advice on that too if you have any) and additional oxygenation which should be interesting.

My plan is to use the set-up for my guppy trios in my newly remodeled fish room. I have only seen this type of setup running at a few LFS in the past and cant find one to look at their setup for reference. By the way I came across this rack/tanks at an auction and gave them very very little ($20) to let me haul it away as a no-sell item.

Thanks for any advice.
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