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Hey guys,
I just broke down my 20 tall so it's for sale
Comes with 2 small filters
a Zoomed dual t5ho light with 2 light switches. Lamps work independently. and 1 6700 coralife t5 bulb
heater .. just one of the preset ones. Worked well for me for 6 months. Keeps water at 78
doesn't come with a lid because of the way the light sits.
can include some plants
5 gallon bucket full of pool filter sand
A Thermometer

The lady who sold me the tank gave me a non-working florescent light strip that might be able to be fixed. The starters go out on these sometimes and you can get a new one at petsmart for like $3 - Can include this as well. It's 24" long.

one of the filters is seeded (currently in my 29) -

No fish in this aquarium has ever been sick or died. Was only up and running for approx 6 months. No algae or planaria or snails (that I ever saw)

Asking $50

Tank 2
I'll be breaking down a TopFin 5.5 gallon aquarium. The hood burned out 2x so I decided to find a Marineland/Perfecto glass top (like a versahood) but the hinge broke in shipment (or was broken before) .. I've been using it without the hinge. The tank is so small it doesn't make a difference. I have a perfecto single incandescent light that goes with it. Comes with a brand new sponge filter. It also comes with a preset heater (smaller version of the one in the 20 gallon)

Comes with 5lbs of black sand. I just needed enough to cover the bottom. It's the petco stuff. If doing plants, I'd pick up 1 more bag.

Asking $30 for this - If someone local is interested I can set up my 6.6 and break this one down. Might take me a week to do it due to work. This tank has MTS in it with a nerite and a mystery snail currently.

I also have some river rock gravel that I got many years ago if you want that for either aquarium. It's enough to fit into a 10 gallon. It's a little dusty, nothing a quick rinse couldn't cure.
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