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I have some aquarium plants to sell

Jungle Val - $0.75 per node
Ludwigia repens (regular and narrow leaf varieties)- $1.50 per stem
Water sprite - $1.50 per stem
Bacopa monnieri (Moneywort) - $2 per stem
Subbwassertang - $4 per golf ball size portion
Java Fern small - $3
Java Fern large - $5
Java Fern lace - $4
Java Moss - $5
Duckweed -$1 (big portion)
Crypt wendtii - $3

Coming soon
Hemianthus micranthemoides (pearlgrass)

Cherry shrimp- 10 for $30 shipped
Fire red cherry- 10 for $40 shipped

Shipping will be USPS priority.
For plants shipping will be $7
Will ship on Mondays and Tuesday's to the 48 contiguous states.
Payments via PayPal only.
PM me with any questions.

Most of my plants are grown with CO2 injection and may take time to adjust to new conditions.
Snails are also present in my tanks, so treat accordingly.

(I hope to post pictures but this forum is very uncooperative with me and pictures)
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