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OVAS (Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society) is hosting AquaMania again this year. There will be vendor tables (ZooMed, Cobalt Aquatics, CAD lights, Fluval, etc) and speaker presentations on Saturday:

Joseph Uy - president of Miyabi Aqua Design Ltd in Richmond BC, will be doing a live demonstration of planted aquascaping. Joseph is the exclusive ADA distributor in Canada and has studied "Nature aquascaping" techniques under the famed Takashi Amano.

Les Wilson - one of the founding partners of Cobalt International, overseeing Marketing, Product Development, and Sourcing for Cobalt. Prior to founding Cobalt, Les spent 17 years with United Pet Group aquatics. The presentation topic is currently being reviewed - we'll update you very shortly.

Jesse De Luca - Sales Representative with Rolf C. Hagen, will be presenting an insight into LED lighting for the aquarium as well as various water conditioners and related products.

to name a few and there will be a Giant Auction held on Sunday

For more information go to the OVAS website:
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