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For a summer project I'm thinking of turning a 5 gallon bowfront I have lying around in the basement into an Aphyosemion species tank. In particular I'm considering A. exigoideum BWW 00/2, A. primigenium GBN 88/10, A. cognatum CI-2011. Out of these which one would be best suited for a beginner?

I will keep the tank unheated so it'll stay from 73 to 76 degrees during the summer and fall (around 70 in the winter). According to the town tapwater report the TDS ranges from 351 to 774 ppm and the total hardness ranges from 186 to 426 ppm, so I intend to use half RO and half tap water

I was thinking of having a sand subtrate with copious amounts of moss and driftwood. Would a bare bottom tank be better? Also, would I be better off using a tetra in-tank whisper filter or a small sponge filter?
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