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CE you might instead prefer to look into something like the Aquacontrol JR. or the Aquadyne octopus. These units have a USB interface and are capable of downloading and uploading software. My friend bought a used tank with the Octopus installed. Being computer savvy he got a cheap wireless router and installed it on the unit. He wirelessly sends his data in real time to his PC. His PC has a folder than records every bit of data about once a minute to that folder. You can also control your lighting, pumps, filters, etc... with them. Generally up to 12 plugs. The plugs come with radio interface outlets. You plug the radio pick-up in the plug strip and then set the dials to a set point on the unit, as in, A1, A3. B1 or A4 etc... The unit will send a radio frequency out that will start or shunt the outlet.

Reef set up.

control your lighting, the software can be downloaded that replicates the natural solar and lunar cycles for the next 20 years. Your lighting will vary by minutes daily. Long in the summer and short in the winter.

surging pumps. 3 second to as long as you desire for your power heads and such.

one touch feeding buttons. Kills the pumps while feeding so the food does not just end up in filter.

temp control, will automatically start chillers or heaters.

PH monitor that will control calcium reactors for PH and ALK.


Planted freshwater.

Set it so that your PH is monitored and will control a CO2 regulator.

Set it so that at night your CO2 shuts off and your filters come on. This way you get surface agitation and gas exchange at night so your fish don't die.

Lighting schedules.

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