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Anyone know anything about this skimmer?

3344 Views 7 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  ledrel Is it any good? Or should I just go with the coralife superskimmer?
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Absolute garbage. You'd be better off buying 2 buckets of salt and doing water changes instead.
LOL I did buy salt instead. So is a coralife skimmer garbage to?
The coralifes have been getting decent reviews. I've heard of a few pump problems on the 125 and 65 models. Basically the reading goes that if you are to get one, get the 220. But many of my friends have the 65 model and are satisified with it. They say it skims well but is mighty unattractive in their tank. I assume you are looking for a HOT type skimmer from your pics requests. AquaC makes the Remora which has been an industry standard for about a decade. Deltec came out with an HOT last year that rocks, the ME300. It's pricey but it actually works and does not leave a person with headaches.
What do you mean by HOT? lol still a noob at this and the light your recommended is nice. The design is great and the fan isn't to loud. The ballast made a funny noise but after about 10-15 minutes it stopped. I would like to get something got the sump but I don't know if there is enough room I will have to measure and post some pics to let you guys see what I am trying to say.
HOT means hang on top, some people call it HOB which is hang on back.
lol, i wouldnt say it is garbage. I used that same one and it is still working flawlessley and collects more protein than a coralife. I tried a corallife in the middle of my refugium project. I am sorry but i do not think there is a huge difference. So i may be new, to the forum. But I know that that skimmer works flawellesy as a hang on and submerged in a refugium without a single problem 1.2 years late. I also am using ir for a 150 display and it is submerged in a 45 gallon.
i used that same protein skimmer when i first started my tank six months ago, it was ok but i wanted to upgrade after 2 months. i first tried a coralife 65 and i think it is not a good design for a hang on the back. i am currently running a cpr bak pak 2-r, its great wish i would have bought the cpr first
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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