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I'm in Australia and need to get rid of some plants!

I doubt anyone actually wants any Elodea, considering how common and prolific it is, but I thought I'd ask on the forums and just see if anyone is interested....because my fish pond is literallly overtaken with the stuff and I NEED TO GET RID OF IT!
There's barely enough room for my goldfish to swim around because of all the plants.
The elodea is beautiful and healthy and absolutely flourishing, but I only have two small tanks (one of which is empty at the moment) so I can't do anything with it.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in either a) buying some elodea or b) trading it for fish or other plants (I only want to ship within Australia...)

If you're interested in trading...the only plants/fish I could accomodate would be crypts/moss (anything that will grow in low light), small tetras, cherry barbs, a bristlenose pleco (just one!), pond goldfish/koi and possibly a betta (once I get my other tank set up again.)

Please PM me if you are interested :)
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