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Here is my 5 month old Anubias Nana. the left side is part of the original rhizome that I cut off because it was the only part I could get to. The right side is the new growth and consists of 6-8 new rhizome splits that I will hopefully be able to cut apart and start new plants from sooner or later. Either that or they will grow away from each other so I can have the show specimen that I want so bad. I did not force the splits, the original rhizome did it all by itself.

The specimens are kept in a tank that I dose EI, the Estimative Index in and seems to flourish once the roots get embedded in the substrate. Tank has a 48 inch shop light fluorescent fixture that is shared over 2, 10 gallon tanks with a sunlight bulb and a plant gro bulb in it. Equals about 33 watts total for moderate low light for a 10 gallon tank.

I secured the cut off piece to another plant anchor like the one the main plant is now on. Seem to work really well. The orginal plant has taken a hold of the other anchor and won't let go without damaging too many roots. yu can kind of see the anchor to the right of the picture. This one is painted and will be a lot darker in the tank. Will get pics of them in the tank soon.
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