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I have not bought my filter yet for my 75 gallon oceanic. I went to my local fish store and they recommended a few good choices.

Option 1 - 1 Cascade 1500 - their price = $189.00 I have searched the net and found a few for under 130.

Option 2 - 2 AquaClear 110 Filters - their price = $59.00 ea. I have searched the net and found an average price of $60.

What is your recommendation in these 2 filters?

I have an AquaClear 50 on a tank at the fire station on a 30 gallon tank and the water is more clear than it has been in years. Also, the PH is staying @ 7.0, where before you had to play with the PH balance chems.

Let me know, thanks for your help.
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