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i would go with 5 or 7, since odd numbers seem to make the fish better off.

ive never had luck with corys in the tempertures i keep mine at, 82F

i would get maybe one pleco, either a bristlenose or a clown pleco. in the wild discus spend thier day picking food from the bottom, and are slow fish to eat sometimes.

bubbles would be ok, i dont think the fish would mind the extra oxygen

ive never heard of discus liking low can get real plants and use sword plants, water wisteria, red wentii, java fern, java moss. and the plants help keep the tank clean and healthier

discus dont like a lot of water flow that i have experianced, so the powerhead would be optional depending on what you want.

never heard of almond leaves...

and i have heard a lot of diverse opinions about carbon and i would recommend not using it with discus unless removing medication or when you first get them
also if you decide to go planted, id reccomend getting plants beforehand so thier settled in
when it comes to other fish in the tank, you will be limited. if you decide to do tank mates, make sure they can handle the temperture and arnt aggressive or eat to fast to the point the discus get none. neon or cardinal tetras are a good choice, german blue rams are too-dont get a pair though, they get aggressive when breeding and will pick on the discus.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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