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Angels in hard water?

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The hubs and I have been talking and he'd love to see some bigger fish at home. I've been thinking about angelfish. It would be angels (preferably five) in a 55 with some peppered corys. The current inhabitants of our 55 would be rehomed to a tank in our bedroom if this is something we go through with in the future. My problem is that we have hard water. Like, really hard... Our ph is around 8.2 (sometimes I get 8, sometimes I get 8.4, but usually 8.2). I still need to get API liquid tests for KH and GH but the strips I have give me 300 (the max) for KH and GH. Most info I have seen says that angels prefer soft water, but other articles say that angels bred in captivity can adapt to hard water conditions just most other fish. I don't want to redo our tank if it's not going to work out because of our water conditions. I personally have no problem leaving our tank the way it is and just adding to it, but to try to please everyone I thought this is something I would look into. Does anyone have any insight about this?
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They should be fine, harder water with a higher pH makes breeding tricky. Angel eggs have a problem hatching out in hard water, similar to discus.
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