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It's been a harrowing process trying to figure out what I want in my tank, and my husband finally had enough and surprised me with 8 angelfish (originally I didn't want them, but I should probably listen to him more lol). They're still just babies, about 1.5 inches long, so ive got time to wait till they pair up. Ive got them in a 60 gallon, with 10 white clouds, 3 kuhli loaches, and two common plecos. I'm looking to sell my plecos once i find a snowball pleco and would like to add 3 more loaches and/or a school of cories.
What else can i put in with the angels? Ive been told blue rams, kribensis cichlids, rummy nose, blood fins, cardinals, killifish, gobie, hatchet fish, and a few barb species..
I'm not overly worried about my white clouds, and can move everything around if need be..I just need my angels to stay in that tank, and when they get a bit bigger I will probably sell some of them.
Also, I've got one lace, one marble, and the others are white or silver. I've got white sand and a black background, with lots of green plants. I'm looking for movement and color :)
any ideas on a unique 60 gallon angel tank?
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