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So I have had angels for decades in various tanks but this is new to me. Currently I have a 12x48x24T 59.6 gallon community tank. I have my usual collection of friendly fish. 2 iridescent sharks, 1 rainbow shark, 1 pictus spotted catfish, 4 golden dojo loaches, a small pleco, 2 zebra angels.
The only issues I have is the rainbow likes to chase the much larger than him dojos, which is hilarious but not a problem and the following:

The angels will square off and 1 will peck at the others chin is best I could describe. Occasionally the same 1 will chase the other.

I cannot discern a difference in sex, they both have the same forehead slope and they were purchased at the same time and have grown up together. I bought them at about 1" each 7 months ago.

If they are the same sex I don't know why they would be pecking for dominance with no other angels to breed.
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