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Nothing I could see, but obviously had to be something.

Water parameters(taken by API master freshwater test kit, GH from water company and KH from strips used three times for...possible accuracy)
PH: 7.2
GH 10-11
KH: 160
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5
Temp 77F

Tank size 20 gallons

Tank gets no direct sunlight and only a little indirect light at the end of the day for an hour or so as it sets.

Lighting schedule is usually 8-9am to 5-7pm or so. I try to stick to it but I am sometimes an hour off or so.

Have not added any new fish, just the angel about a week or so ago.

Tankmates are a blue crayfish that doesn't bother anyone, two ghost shrimp and 15 young pink and red leopard ramshorn snails hatched and raised in there, all these have been in there for several months and are often food for the crayfish. A gold gourami was moved out about two weeks ago, she was there because a male picked on her and messed up her tail. Her tail grew back, she had no issues I could see and is still fine in the other tank.

Tank is a couple years old, very well planted and established. I check water parameters three times per week, about every other day and they've been stable there for about a year or more(aside from nitrates which showed up several months ago and stayed that way. They used to be zero, I figured because of plants and almost zero on stocking, I had a few snails and some molly and platy fry used to be in there 6+ months ago).

No treatments have been used.

I don't use any root tabs or fertilzers.

Food was emerald entree(a frozen omnivorous diet), frozen mysis shrimp and brine shrimp. Was going to add glassworms to her diet and fresh greens if she'd take them. More meat than greens since she's an omnivorous cichlid(I hope I didn't mess something up on her diet!). She would pick at the veggie flakes and algae wafers I popped in for my snails, crayfish and shrimp, as well as some blanched zucchini with seeds removed.

No bubbler. I had an airstone in there prior to getting the angel, moved it out when I got her because I heard they don't like them.

I think I remembered everything asked...

Ok, so...about a week ago I got an angelfish, a veil of unknown color type(assumed to be a gold marble). She had lost a large chunk of her tail prior to being purchased. Got her at Petsmart, should know better by now, eh?

Anyways, after a day in her new home she perked up. She was active, far as the slow angels go she did pretty well, was curious, brightened up, ate well and was happy to come up for food. She didn't have any fast breathing, no spots or marks I could see aside from part of her tail was gone and seemed to be growing back. I checked her out after she died, no swelling or odd marks anywhere, was a good weight for a little fish, didn't seem thin or fat. She had a little belly like most well cared for angels I've seen, but wasn't fat. Best I can describe that. Ah, I fed her once a day, though sometimes she'd have herself a snack on the shrimp or crayfish food. She didn't over-eat, I sucked out uneaten food she let drop after taking what she wanted.

I turned on the light today and she came up to beg for some food. I don't feed them for an hour or two after I wake them up. I came up about two hours later to feed her and she was dead and floating about mid level in the tank and her color was already dull, she must have died soon after lights on. She seemed perfectly normal when I woke her up. Swam fine, wasn't acting weird.

This was my first try at keeping angels...wondering if something was off for angels in parameters. I had researched them first and they were in their range, but with no prior experience owning them, I don't know. She was only about the size of a 50 cent piece, I was going to get her a 40+ gallon tank soon, but for now she was small.

Is it possible for them to die from being lonely? I thought they were fine as a single. She was with three others when I got her and they seemed tight, but I only had temporary room for one until later and didn't want to push my luck with my very first angel experience, so I just got her.

Is it possible she was sick from the shop? Not uncommon for petsmart, meh, I rarely shop there for live things. But anything that just kills like that?

Anything that can cause a seemingly healthy angel to just drop like that? Her tail seemed alright and was growing back, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't infected. Didn't see any rot or oddities. No other than injuries she came with that were healing, she had nothing new, I gave her a thorough looking over. Didn't smell funky either...The last fish I got from petsmart that died three nights after purchase had some weird metalic smell to them. lol They were not in that tank though, and were neons.
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