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Family: Ampullariidae

Common Name: Apple Snail

Origin: Asia

Compatibility/Temperament: Excellent community snails, compatible with most fish apart from Assassin Snails and especially agressive fish

Apple Snail Diet

Eat algae but also eat scalded lettuce leaves and cucumber


2.75" (7cm) Adult

Minimum Tank Suggestion

5g per Snail

Water parameters for Apple Snail

22-26C (72-79F) Hard water pH range: 7 - 7.5 (Below 7 can create shell erosion)


Snails are not usually popular in the aquaria, but these snails graze over the tank, cleaning off algae and creating infusoria from their waste matter which is great for recently hatched fry. They require slightly hard water to maintain hardness of their shell which has a slight gold colouration. They are NOT asexual so require another opposite sex of their kind to reproduce. They lay pink eggs above the waterline on top of eachother until it resembles a raspberry. As long as the eggs don't get too dry, they will hatch in about three weeks.

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