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Hello I currently have a medium to heavy planted tank which is low light low tech.

I currently have 4 ghost shrimp in there with one being large 2"+ the other's being about 1"

Now I know that the larger ghost shrimp can be aggressive this one can be so I'll probably wait until they die off before replacing them, though I would start researching now though.

I'm looking for larger shrimps as I have two gourami in the tank, a female pearl and a female platinum. The option seems to be amano or a filter shrimp (ie bamboo). Is there any other options? can you mix one bamboo with a three or four Amano?

water parameters are

ph 6.8, temp 25-26, NH3/4= 0, NO2=0, NO3= 5-10ppm.

Cuttlebone fish has been crushed and added to the dirt substrate.

Cheers for your help.
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