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Aliceander's First Fish

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Ali went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with colic. I couldn't think of a better way to make her feel better than to get her very first fish! He's a Walmart rescue but looks really good and healthy. He's very active! He'll live alone in her nightlight one gallon bowl. I'll post some pics in a minute he's acclimating now. :)
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May I add that my daughter is 15 days old today? Lol We bought the bowl as a nightlight for her when I was 3 months pregnant. It transitions to different colors. Also, the ship looks GIGANTIC because of the shape of the bowl. It only raised the water 1/4" when I put it in. I wouldn't crowd him with an ornament as large as that I promise!! Anywho, introducing Sparrow and his new home!! (Which he is swimming happily around flaring currently lol)

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Teehee... Sparrow. Cute!
Happy 2 week birthday, Ali!!! ^__^
He's MIA as of this morning but I suspect he's in the ship sleeping. We had power outages all night and I doubt he liked the on and off of the light.
Our little man has dropsy ): Picking up some epsom salt today if we can find some without lavender and stuff in it but it's not looking good ): I'm so sad.

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Sparrow was euthanized today. He was quickly losing his battle with the dropsy. I'll look for a new fish for Ali while I'm off in Florida. Very sad, though, very sad.
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