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algea problems

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so i have a a very established tank (3 years) and im suddenly having problems with algae

didnt move the aquarium, the timer has been the same the entire time.

It is close to a sliding glass door that does have a curtain, but i know it gets (very)indirect sunlight during the day.

The algae i have is mostly growning around the edges of the leaves of my plants. it is pretty dark green and fuzzy looking.

its really ruining my sword plants and vals.

i know some things i can do to help.

covering the end nex to the window with some construction paper for one.

i also have the lights to be off most of the day so i can enjoy the lights being on when i get home and until i go to bed. I can adjust the timer so that i reduce the hours its getting light.

what kind of algae do we think i have?
i guess the real question is: are these things going to make it go away? or will i have to chop my plants down and watch them regrow?
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Perhaps it's time for a new bulb for your light fixture. Over time, light output drops (deficiencies in the spectrum) and can provide just enough of a change for the right imbalance to occur, triggering algae to grow.
They are less than a year old. I could try that but I don't think that's the problem
To be honest. I do appreciate the advice though as that was not something I had
Considered at this point
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I'm not much help when it comes to plants and algae and stuff, but I have a few nuggets of info ;-)

shouldn't be the lights then - good luck with it though. I'm sure someone will be by soon.

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Algae really comes some times,if you open the light everytime,it will make more algae.
From the description the algae is some form of brush algae. This is the only algae I have issues with. Light and nutrients being slghtly out of balance will trigger it. Jaysee's suggestion of tube age is pertinent, I have had this algae increase from old tubes, but they should last 12 months or so.

I used to have this increase every summer, until I worked out that the cause was the increased length and intensity of daylight entering the room. Two ways to deal with this. Block the daylight (simple blinds may not be sufficient, I had to use these plus lined drapes), or reduce the tank light to compensate.

Do whichever until the algae is no longer increasing. What is there will not go away, just leave it. As new leaves emerge and are algae-free, the older leaves with algae can be removed. Usually they will begin to yellow and die from this algae, though not always.

I would not expect a nutrient factor, if things have been good for a year or more, unless you have adjusted the fertilizer somehow. I had this algae suddenly cover all the swords in one tank, and dealt with it by cutting back the fertilizer from twice to once weekly. Things can be different from tank to tank (I have 7 running), it is a matter of finding the balance that works and then if algae incrteases determining what has changed.

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