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Airation for a large tank

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I have my 180 gallon running and the guy at the store told me not to use an air stone because the simple fact that the water that runs over the bioballs is all the aeration I would need. He went on to say that when using a sump filter system the water is more saturated than most tanks with a HOB and an air stone.

Any thougts?

I love the tank but I already lost 2 small fish to the overflows overnight. found them in the sump this morning. they must have jumped over. I never even thought about this problem.:-(

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I agree with what they said.

I don't own an aerator - they are unnecessary except for a few applications.
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Even with a HOB you still don't need an airstone.

There are a few DIY ways to stop fish from getting into your overflow, screen, eggcrate...

If your set on adding more aeration/ciculation, I would get a powerhead with air intake. Only 15-30$ depending on brand and size and it will provide all the air and water movement you could want.

So sorry you lost some fish.
Good luck!
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