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air stone for tank? need advice

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hi all.. I heard through the grape vine that if you have a few too many fish in your tank the introduction of an air stone can bring in o2 that might be depleted. Because I'm new to the " aquarist disease" I was wondering if any one could guide me in setting it up. I have a 54g tank and was thinking a nice line of bubbles along the back wall would be pretty, also saw some that had LEDs of differing colours for sale online...hmmm pretty :lol: You see guys I have introduced a school of neon tetras and glowlights plus 4 swordtails.. this to a 6 angels, 2 clown loach, 8 harlequin rasbora, 2 albino BN pleco ,1 flying fox, 3 algae eaters and one danio and one blue killifish setup... I know your thinking I'm obsessed. its true I am!! My filters are an eheim2217 canister and overhead spraybar trickle thing with a seachem stocking thing and woolstuff and bioballs.. very descriptive lol. Anyways thankyou in advance =)
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Good filtration will negate the need for air pumps. I don't even own one.
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I agree if you use the proper filter than problem solved. If you just must use air, I do just cos I do, use a sponge filter with an airstone. You will get extra bio filtration and air.
You will get extra bio filtration
Not exactly. Additional filtration capacity won't necessarily get you a bigger bacteria colony. Once the tank is balanced, the additional filtration will house bacteria, yes, but at the expense of the already established colonies.
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