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Well, everything was just fine until I wanted to untangle the extra long airline tubes.

After we started trying to fix them, it wouldn't work. So we hooked up another air pump that came with the supplies and got one air stone going.

We have a whisper air pump 10-30 with no manual. I tried to get it off the terta site but they don't have it.

The whisper has one side where the tube would go that has nothing attached to it and it makes the pump super loud.

We have a piece of equipment that has three areas to connect the tubing to that push air through and two levers.

Can anyone give some directions on how to get these going? We have three and thought to have one on either end of the tank and one in the middle.

I could post pics of what we are working with if that helps?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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