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Hey All, I got an order in the other day for a few things for my 12g, it use to be a FOWLR but decided to add a few things.

Green Stripe Shrooms...when ordered said about 5 or so on the rock, turned out I got about 19 on the LR:BIGhappy:
I also got a Hammer Coral Frag...he opened right up within minutes of being put in my tank.
Also got a Blue Ric w/ 3 mouths and a Green Ric w/2 mouths...maybe a split soon, u think?

All are doing well. I saw my old Calcium test was out of date so I just ordered a new one last night..A Hagen any1 know if it is a good test?

Just incase Cal is low when I test I ordered Kent Nano Parts A+B...has any1 ever used this product or have any info on it? I use to use B-Ionic 2 part when I had my 55g but the Kent 2 part said it was made for Nanos so I thought I would give it a try. Also had to order a Long pair of gloves, gripper gloves I think they are called. I use to have the Coralife gloves when I had my 55g but they were so bulky and Way to BIG, I have little arms...LOL not even 5" hard for me to use. I figure I should be safe w/ the gripper glove since it goes all the way up ur arm and has elastic to hold in place...I am allergic to shellfish and such:shock:...not a good hobby for me to be in but I just love a reef tank, it is so relaxing and peaceful I just had to do another small set up.

Let me know what u think of my new babies...


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