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Hello all,

First time posting and was hoping for a bit of advice from the community!

I am in the process of upgrading from a 90 to 180 gallon freshwater tank and would like a little help.

I currently have: 5 clown loaches (babies), 6 red swordtails, 2 denison barbs (fully grown), 1 albino rainbow shark (baby), 1 black angel (fully grown), 1 pleco.

I'd like to add some corys when I get the new tank. Some rainbow fish, most likely Bosemanis.

Any other suggestions for a good community tank? Some unique looking fish, colorful fish, interesting/fun/active fish or any combination of the above?

Additionally, I plan to make an attempt at a planted tank. Thinking Anubias to start but open to any other suggestions but something that'll work with the digging fish I plan to have.

Lastly, substrate: I currently have gravel but plan to switch over to sand. I've read good things about Estes Marine Sand. Anyone suggest anything different or would that be a sufficient substrate?

Thanks in advance!
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