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I'm new to this forum and don't understand much how forums work so please bare with me,

Okay, here it goes, I've been keeping fish for years and know pretty much what I need to know.

Okay, my tank:
It's just shy of 7 foot and 172 imperial UK Gallons (785 litres) (207 US Gallons.) So it's pretty big.

2 x Large external 2000EF (looking at getting better filtration soon) both with external heaters running at 26 - 27°C (78 - 80°F)

3 x Large Angel fish,
2 x Medium Silver Bala Sharks, (will be sold on at full size)
4 x Torpedo Barbs,
4 x Goldern Gouramis,
4 x Opal Gouramis,
4 x Pearl Gouramis,
1 x Bristlenose Plec,
1 x Tiger Plec,
2 x Spiny eels,
3 x African Brown Knifefish,
3 x Clown Loach,

I want to add 6 extra Torpedo barbs to make a school of 10 and about 10 Congo Tetras, so that there are 2 schools going back and forth with colour and looks nice and pretty (for the ladies in the house)

A mixture of dried beef heart, frozen bloodworm, Algae wafers, live bloodworm and live water fleas. (Of course not all in one go)

My question:
Will the Congo Tetras be okay with the fish that are already in my tank given their size as I want to make sure that no fish is bullied or harassed.

Thank you.

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So here’s my two cents.
If a tank is healthy and happy, (and it sounds like yours probably is) generally, fish are much more likely to pick on fish off the same, or a similar species. Example, I’ve had mollies fight with other mollies, platies and guppies, but rarely seen them bother cories or small schooling tetras, and when they have I’ve found something that was grievously wrong else where in the tank.
I am unfourtuatly inexperienced with many of the fish listed, including the one in question. However, some quick googling told me that Congo tetras aren’t particularly close to any of the said fish. The main one i would worry about is the bala shark and maybe the loach if he’s having a bad day, but they are so much bigger that they probably wont care, except, maybe at feeding time.
Bottom line: IMHO, you’re fine. Of course one more thing always adds another fail point, and of something was off in your tank, they would have no safety guarantee.
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here is your current layout it is calculated with everything being fully grown because I don't know the size of your fish currently.
Purple Violet Font Electric blue Circle

Here is with your suggested additions
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here is after you sale your bala sharks
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If your tank is working as is I would not add the fish for fear that it would upset the very delicate balance you seem to have created


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